Working principle

  1. Choice of washing machines on the terminal screen. You may pre-book via

  2. Turning on the washing machine and selecting the washing programme.
    You can change the washing mode (temperature, spinning) and choose additional options (pre-wash, additional rinse, super wash)
  3. Calculating and displaying the cost of washing

  4. Payment
  5. Washing under the selected programme

Payment methods

There are 2 possible payment methods:

  1. Cash. 10, 50, 100 RUB bills and new 10 RUB coins are accepted (no change given)
  2. Plastic card. The module supports contactless payment via plastic cards.
    You need to attach the card to the terminal scanner for payment. After payment, the terminal reports on the operation result: PAID: 90 RUB.

Warranties and safety

  • All laundries meet the standards and requirements of SanPIN, fire protection and technical regulations
  • We insure our liability for damage in emergency situations and damage to third parties
  • The equipment contains an automatic shutdown system to prevent voltage on the equipment body, overloads and short circuits or if a person touches the live parts
  • The warranty on our equipment is 12 months (except for coin/bill acceptors)